One plus 7T out of the box experience

One plus 7T out of the box experience

Oct 16, 2019

One plus 7T out of the box experience

On the afternoon of October 15th, One plus officially released the latest flagship product plus 7T and one plus 7T Pro, at the 7T series conference in Beijing, and there was a cooperation with McLaren in the same field. Plus 7T Pro McLaren limited edition also appeared together.

This time we have the opportunity to Di for a time to get a new one plus 7T, compared to before looking online exposure renderings and photographs on the conference, or in-person to get started holding some machines weigh more concrete, here we have this The appearance of Taiyi plus 7T is open for appreciation.

Boxes and accessories: the trend of energy, live up to expectations

As the latest model of the 7T series, this one plus 7T box has a square design, which looks more like a trend-setting box. The whole box is wrapped in a high-grade black textured material. There is no more decoration, and there is a plus sign in the middle of the box.

Open a 7T box, the first thing I feel is this exclusive custom 90Hz fluid screen. The wallpaper effect of the opening screen immediately shows the smooth, smooth and stunning screen.

This time we received the big gift set, the accessories inside the box, we can see that in addition to a plus 7T body, as well as the charger, it is also equipped with three mobile phone cases and a cloud ear 2 wireless Bluetooth Headphones, from the point of view of this accessory is still full of sincerity.

Design: process upgrade, delicate touch

Open the box just said it was a piece of exclusive custom fluid screen to attract life, precisely because with high-quality screen, just let a positive plus 7T Yen value sharply upgrade, recognizable top design "drop" is still The difference is that the area is further reduced, just like a design language that has always been restrained. The sleek body lines have become more straight and more "flagship".

The most up-to-date appearance of my heart is that the addition of 7T uses a more "long" aspect ratio, which makes the handshake feel consistently comfortable so that we can easily master it with one hand. The upgrades that follow will have a wider viewing horizon - you can display more content while you are swiping your friends on the vertical screen. When you eat a chicken horizontally or watch a 21:9 native scale movie, you can see it in addition to the game. More pictures, while also getting a higher immersion when watching movies.

If still in positive regulation at the moment, so the back is full of highlights, the first thing we see highly recognizable round three cameras, this arrangement is designed to machine arrangement from more than 50 programs and a variety of lenses Stand out from the design. It is asymmetrical design from any direction, and it is a favorite of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The circular three- photographing part indicates the focal length corresponding to the three cameras, covering 17-26-51mm, and the circular symmetrical design makes the whole machine more advanced. If it is used with the official red protective cover, the round three-shot is like a Buddha. Embedded in the fuselage, forming a classic "Oreo" design, walking on the street is not afraid of "collision", the most suitable for me who likes to show personality style.

Although the focus of the back cover is basically placed on the camera part, in fact, the back of the whole body of the 7T is still full of high-grade feeling, and the back cover of the fourth generation AG glass technology is used to realize the advanced matte texture. While retaining a smooth touch experience, the most important thing is that it is difficult to get fingerprints, which is very friendly to our long-time mobile phone users.

As for the interface, one plus 7T still maintains the consistent minimalism and strives to achieve a balance between practicality and simplicity. The bottom provides double-sided SIM card slot, Type-C interface, supports Warp flash charging 30T, and the left and right sides are volume keys respectively. The combination of the power button and the one-and-three-segment button not only looks good but is also quite practical.

Screen experience: smooth as a mirror, new standard for fluid screen

Since I was refreshed by the one plus 7 Pro, my experience on the screen of the mobile phone, some experience can not go down, so when I get a plus 7T, I copy the HDR video and HD test video of the hard disk to the mobile phone. Because my requirements for the screen can not be satisfied with "can use".

The term HRD is often seen in recent TV products, but most TVs claiming to support HDR are simply processors that can decode HDR images, but the screen cannot play HDR content. Since the peak brightness of the screen is 1000 nits, the wide color gamut of the AMOLED screen itself makes it easy to express the original charm of HDR images.

In the actual hands-on experience, the performance of one plus 7T screen is not disappointing. When playing HDR10+ video, you can obviously feel the upgrade of screen contrast, thanks to its peak brightness of 1000nits, making the dark night in HDR video. The contrast of the dazzling fire is more prominent, and even gives people the illusion of jumping to the screen. In addition to watching the video, another intuitive feeling is that watching the phone in the hot sun becomes clearer, especially when you look at the ticket information or navigation of the APP.

There is also a mobile phone that can't be ignored. It is to hide in the bed at night and continue to brush the phone to watch Weibo and read novels. But in the previous mobile phone experience, watch the phone at night, if the screen is too bright, it will be spicy. If you dim a little, it seems too dark to look hard.

This time, when DC dimming and night mode 2.0 was added to the one plus 7T series, it is no doubt that we are more comfortable when using the mobile phone at night. The less the brightness is too dark, and the more it feels "spicy eyes" The situation did not appear. In addition, thanks to the adoption of a new generation of AMOLED luminescent materials, the short-wave blue light of the screen is reduced by 40%, and the same amount of blue light is reduced when the screen of the mobile phone does not become particularly "yellow".


From packaging to body design, you can use the meticulous description of the new one plus 7T series. The customized 90Hz fluid screen can become the benchmark in the market, and the exquisite craftsmanship creates a high-end body. I have not forgotten the humanized design of the actual experience so that the one plus 7T feels the weight of sincerity whether it is on the table or in the hand.

The upgrade experience brought by it is obvious. When using 1 plus 7T, 90Hz runs smoothly through your friend's circle, microblogging, and even playing games. When you finish using a 7T series phone, you will find that Other phones seem to be missing something.




Oct 16, 2019